This website is a mess and currently being tested and built.

It is powered by GitLab Pages / Hugo and can be built in under 1 minute. Literally. It uses the beautifulhugo theme which supports content on your front page. Edit /content/ to change what appears here. Delete /content/ if you don’t want any content here.

Head over to the Hugo GitLab project to get started.

Website Update

Slowly moving

As you can clearly tell, things are a bit of a mess here. I’m finally building this website fresh instead of being lazy and having it redirect to PrusaPrinters. To try something new, I’m building the new version of the site using Hugo and GitLab Pages. By changing from a Drupal based CMS to this system, I get to learn a new framework and learn more about GitLab’s CI/CD. So please excuse the chaos, the temp pages, and the shifting styles as I build this anew. [Read More]