Mobile finance app

I initially built Checkbook for webOS back in 2011. At the time, it was unique to the platform. The Javascript app allowed users to manually track their finances. A few of its features included multipke accounts, recurring transactions, Google data backups. It was also my first published app as well. Over its life on webOS, the app gain almost 20,000 paid downloads.

With webOS no longer a big player in the mobile world, I’ve elected to share the code of both versions of the app. Checkbook Mojo is the first version of the system. Eventually it became Checkbook Enyo when Palm/HP advanced the platform developers were building apps on.

I’m in the process of properly rebuilding the app on Android. There is far more competition on Android than there was on webOS so this is more of a hobby app for myself. If it gains any traction by the time I’m done with it, I’ll be happy. But it is serving its purpose of helping me keep up to date on Android development patterns and technologies. An early release version is available on the Google Play Store.